In previous episodes, we’ve redefined success in general and success in business. Now, in part three of a five-part series on success, we’re exploring personal success. As entrepreneurs, it’s easy to become entrenched in work, hitting our business goals, and gaining material things. But personal success goes much deeper.

I think ultimately, a successful personal life means that I’m living in alignment with my values, I’m spending my days in ways that feel good—not in a hedonistic way, but for me, in a way that’s, “Am I giving back to my family? Do I have time to give back to my community? Am I taking a vacation? Am I just living a lifestyle that is conducive to happiness?” – Pam

Pamela Grice, Business Coach

In this episode, we discuss what personal success means to us. Among other things, it involves taking care of your needs, nurturing important relationships, and making time for life-giving interests and activities. We also address the question of how to know if you have been successful. Hint: It’s about knowing your core values and living them out each day.

What do you think? Comment below and let us know. How do you know if you have achieved personal success?

Business. Besties. & Books. Podcast Episode 50: Defining Personal Success

What Does Personal Success Look Like?

What we Talked About

  • [00:00] What does personal success mean to us?
  • [01:11] Health: Staying healthy to experience personal success
  • [01:55] Supporting your loved ones’ success: How can we be well as a family
  • [02:59] Successful relationships: How do you nurture your close relationships? Solid, healthy, mutual relationships
  • [04:10] Not being constantly exhausted, physically and emotionally –
  • [05:37] The freedom to live the life i want
  • [06:54] Not making choices not based on fear
  • [09:00] Curating your community – leaning into the people who support your success
  • [12:05] Three adjectives: How would you like to be described
  • [14:16] Our favorite things from the past week
Business. Besties. & Books. Podcast Episode 50: Defining Personal Success

Different Aspects of Personal Success

  • “You have to be alive in order to experience personal success. And in that sense, you need to take care of yourself.” – Pam
  • “As a mom, as a partner and other things, I feel like other people struggling, I want to make sure that I’m doing what I need to do to support them. And that’s part of me feeling successful.” – Teri
  • “What do my relationships look like? Am I making time for people? Do people feel heard, and seen, and celebrated, and like I have time for them?”
  • “I think at the end of our lives, nobody’s going to ask us how many hours we worked in a week. Nobody’s going to ask us what our profit and loss looked like. They’re just not. They’re going to remember how we showed up.” – Teri
  • “Am I taking care of what I need to take care of for me? Am I making time for relationships that are important to me? Am I making time for getting outside? All the different parts.” – Teri

How Do You Know You Have Been Personally Successful?

  • “I think it comes down to feeling like each of the buckets of my life are being taken care of. And then, I think it also comes down to, ‘Am I successful as far as making choices that need to be made and not living in a path of fear?’ Because I think fear would hold me back from being successful in hard decisions that I know need to be made and I need to go forward with.” – Teri
  • “For me, being successful is leaning into the people who really need to be a part of my life and letting go of the people who don’t.” – Teri
  • “If you’re thinking about, ‘What makes me successful as a human being?’ A close person to me, last week, asked me, ‘If I was to tell somebody about you, what three adjectives would you want me to use?’ … If you think about what your adjectives would be, you could back, then, into what makes you feel like a successful person in your personal life.”- Teri
  • “What are my top three values? How do those really play into my personal life and then how does that play into success as who I am?” – Teri

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