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which of these sound most like you?

Midlife Maverick

You’ve got a story to tell and wisdom to share. You’ve
managed life’s transitions (or you’re mid-transition now) and you’re ready to address your stuck places, crush your roadblocks, and take action to grow a multiple-six figure business.

Quiet Creative

As an imaginative and innovative introvert, you’re tired of blending into the background…you’re are ready to be seen and heard in your own way and time…and you are called, maybe reluctantly, to be more visible, to serve your people, and to change the world.


You love working for yourself, not only for the profit but for the impact. You want a business that is in alignment with your personality, values, Divine calling, and created purpose. But you’ve got to have systems in place so you don’t get burned out and discouraged.

Heart-Centered Service Provider

You are a coach, course creator, or other service provider who wants be intentional about building a business you don’t have to walk away from later – a business that supports lasting change and better lives for your clients but doesn’t require you to lose yourself, get mired in overwhelm, or sacrifice your own peace.

Burdened Provider-preneur

We see you…you’ve tried other coaching programs but felt like you don’t quite fit in – maybe they don’t address the needs of household providers and focus more on a side-hustle strategy. But you’re building a business that must make money in order to pay the bills. You have a lot on your shoulders and you feel it.

Basically, if you’ve got the courage to move from the safety (uncomfortable safety, yes, but safety nonetheless) of where you are now to a place of strategic implementation, alignment with your values, intention, and action-driven growth (without sacrificing your health or relationships), you’re in the exact right place.

We’re here to help you create the successful business you were created for – all the while you’ll be making friends, taking care of your heart, health, and relationships, and having fun as you grow and scale your business to make more impact and change the world for good, we’re here to support you and your dreams.

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Pamela Grice

psychotherapist & Artisan turned Business Coach

Messy, multi-passionate, misfit entrepreneurs and quirky creatives are meant to be world-changers. Let’s work together to make it happen.

When you align your personality and purpose you’ll be on the way to creating the impact and income you were designed for. My mission as your #businesslifecoach is to create a space where you feel seen, heard, and celebrated and to unleash your unique superpowers with both income and impact.

I love to help business owners, like you, to increase your bottom line without losing yourself in the ‘should’s and the ‘have to’s of conventional business practices – you know, those strategies that just don’t fit the way you’re are wired.

At PGC, I take a holistic and faith- (if you’re so inclined) and psychology-based approach to growth that encourages a congruence between your business, life, and Divine design so you can make more money while living out your unique purpose and making the impact you were created for. In our eyes, your success is not optional…we’ll help you get there.

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Sweet Notes

From our happy clients

In over a decade of counseling and coaching, I’ve had the pleasure of serving thousands of happy clients. Here is what a few of them had to say….

12K +
Happy coaching clients

“Working with Pam has not only grown my business, it has changed my life.”

“Pam is one of the most intelligent, thoughtful and insightful individuals I know. She is committed to her professional work and will serve those who hire her with integrity, honesty and honor. With reverence she holds each sacred journey she gets to encounter. Knowing and working with Pam is an honor and privilege. I highly recommend Pam and all she has to offer.”

“Pam is a gifted, compassionate, and insightful counselor.  Working with her has forever changed my life for the good.”

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