So often, we hear people talking about success in business. But what does that look like in practice? Of course, numbers matter. Ultimately, entrepreneurs start business to make money. But most of us can agree that there are multiple standards for success in business, only one of which is finances.

It’s gotten more heart-centered and less centered solely on the numbers. If our contribution to that is bringing balance, I think that’s really good.

Pamela Grice, Business Coach

Last episode, we defined success in general. In this episode, we explore key areas that each of us look at when determining the success of our businesses. We’ll talk about financial success, team leadership, personal fulfillment, making an impact, and moving our businesses forward.

How about you? Comment below and let us know. What are your key standards for success in your business?

In episode 49 of Business. Besties. & Books Podcast, Pam and Teri discuss our various standards for success in business.

How Do You Define Success in Your Life and Business?

What we Talked About

  • [00:00] Redefining success in business
  • [01:20] Financial success: Knowing and evaluating your numbers
  • [4:10] Team leadership: Are our teams happy and running smoothly?
  • [5:07] Finding personal fulfillment: Do we look forward to work each morning?
  • [7:05] Making an impact: How are we making a difference in the world?
  • [8:37] Moving forward: Achieving, doing, and moving
  • [10:27] More than numbers: Finding a balance between financial and other areas of success
  • [12:34] Pam and Teri’s favorite purchases of the week
What are your standards for success in business?

Beyond the Numbers: Different Standards for Success in Business

  • “I think the most successful women that I work with, because I spend a lot of time in their numbers, they’re very secure within themselves talking about numbers and making financial decisions.” – Teri
  • “Having a happy team, having a team that’s engaged in your business, that they’re feeling empowered and fulfilled, and they’re growing, and you’re growing, and you’re growing together, and you’re growing the business, that’s important to me. And i think that having a successful business, it’s important to stay on top of that and ensure that everyone’s taken care of in your business.” – Pam
  • “As entrepreneurs, we have a little bit more of that flexibility of, ‘Am I showing up to my desk every day in dread. And if I am, why? And what needs to change?'”- Teri
  • “It’s really important for me to say, ‘Am I making a difference with my team? Am I making a difference with my customers and clients? And am I making a difference in the wider scheme of things?’ All of those things are important to me and things to keep an eye on to say, ‘Are we making an impact?'” – Pam
  • “I am very much a mover in my body, and a mover in my mind, and a mover in my actions. Without that, I don’t feel successful. I feel stuck.” – Teri
  • “Yes, money matters. But it doesn’t define businesses.” – Teri

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