Previously we’ve talked about how single mompreneurs are making it work. In this episode, we’re focusing on sole entrepreneurs–in other words, single women business owners who have never been married. This group of women has been holding it down all on their own from the beginning without a partner.

While neither of us have been there personally, we want you to know that we see you. We can relate to many of your struggles, yet we can also learn from your unique perspective.

We’d love to hear from you! Are you a single, never-married female entrepreneur? Comment below and tell us what challenges and frustrations you have experienced in your life and business.

Pamela Grice and Teri Houghton talk about single women business owners who have never been married. Listen in now!

The Challenges of Single Women Business Owners

What We Talked About

  • Unique challenges and frustrations of single, never-married female entrepreneurs: An open discussion [00:43]
  • Creating a a safe place for female entrepreneur can have authentic conversations [01:54]
  • The unique resourcefulness of never-married women [04:49]
  • Navigating life as a single woman while those around you change roles [08:12]
  • Building resilience: the value of strong networks and living through the struggle [10:44]
  • Self-discipline and accountability around your business [16:12]
  • Taking care of yourself: setting boundaries when no one is making you stop [19:09]
  • Fear: Resting in the knowledge that you have been and will be okay [24:35]
  • The importance of having hard conversations [27:23]
  • This or that: Annual or perennial flowers? [29:25]
  • Goals for our community: helping women entrepreneurs be seen and heard [31:15]

Key Insights

  • “I think business owners in particular really need to develop the skill of conscientiousness … and be diligent about the things that maybe nobody else sees, but maybe someday they might.” – Pam
  • “It comes back to looking over your past life and like, “I have been okay. I might not have been pretty but I have been okay,” and resting in that.” – Teri
  • ‘Ultimately, we just want women to know that we see you. Even if we are not in the same circumstances, we do understand what it’s like to struggle, to carry the weight of responsibility, to love your work so much that you don’t want to walk away from it … We see you. We feel that with you. And we want to be here for you through all of that.” – Pam

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