As an entrepreneur, you’re energized by your ideas. Ideas are great! Every successful business started with one. But how can you move away from the dreaming phase and implement your ideas?

In this episode we’re talking about the journey from idea to implementation. We’ll talk about laying out a plan, making time for learning, and being resilient when things go wrong.

We’d love to hear from you. What are your dreams for your business? What step can you take right now to start bringing that dream to life? Comment below and let us know.

Pamela Grice and Teri Houghton talk about implementing your ideas--how to dream, plan, and learn on your journey to making your dreams a reality.


How to Implement Your Ideas and Make Your Dreams a Reality

What We Talked About

  • Dreaming, planning, learning: the journey from ideas to implementation [00:20]
  • Our long-term dreams for our businesses [01:53]
  • The planning phase: getting from dream to implementation [6:38]
  • Choosing resources and intentionally making time for learning [13:56]
  • Getting stuck in the dream phase: perfectionism and juggling sooo many ideas [19:42]
  • When the dream dies: being resilient when things don’t work out business [22:32]
  • This or that: something new or finishing up a project [25:41]
You have big dreams for your business. How can you implement your ideas and make those dreams a reality?

Key Insights

  • “So that’s part of my planning process to say, ‘Okay where do I want to go? What are the things I need to do between now and then to get there, whether it’s five years from now, 10 years from now? What do I need to do and when am I gonna get that done?” – Pam
  • “If [perfectionism] comes up for me, that’s where the dreams die because I get so hooked on something not being right, instead of being able to be like, ‘This is good. Just go.’ So I think for me that’s, that is where that comes from, is perfection.” – Teri
  • “I think that we have to go through the grieving process, and grieve it, and be sad about it, and then find a new dream. We either get stuck grieving it, get stuck in regret, or we say, ‘Okay, what am I gonna do instead?’ And we get excited about something new.” – Pam

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