We’re so excited to welcome you to the Business, Besties, and Books Podcast where we love sharing authentic stories about entrepreneurial life, tips for building a more profitable business and smoother running business, visits from our experienced biz besties, and behind the scenes looks at what we’re reading.

On This Week’s Episode

It’s our introductory podcast – and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off this journey with you!

While we can’t wait to dive into the meat of of the valuable content we want to bring you, we thought an intro might be nice. So nice that we had to record it twice…but that’s the way things go when you’re doing something new.

This episode is a question and answer, mutual interview format where we’ll share a behind the scenes look at what our lives look like, what motivates us, why we choose the entrepreneur life, and what we hope to bring you in months and years to come.

Sit back, grab a cuppa (I love coffee and Teri is a chai kinda gal), and let’s get to know one another better.

Be sure to comment, below, let us know what resonated most, and share your best book recommendations.

And, if you’re wanting to start your own podcast, take a listen to this episode, where we chat with Kristin Chadwick about her passion for helping women share their voices through podcasting.

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