Whether they’re single moms whose kids are grown or a female entrepreneurs whose spouse has retired, empty nest women arrive at this stage through various paths. But they share similar financial, mental, and interpersonal challenges that come with this season of life and business.

In this third episode in a series about single female providers, Teri interviews Pam, who shares insights from her own experience as an entrepreneur whose husband has retired.

We would love to hear from you! Are you a single woman entrepreneur navigating an empty nest? What are your biggest joys and concerns?

Teri Houghton and Pamela Grice discuss the ins and outs of empty nest women who are sole providers.

How Empty Nest Women Entrepreneurs Make it Work

What We Talked About

  • Part Three: Empty nesters who are also sole providers [00:28]
  • A Facebook community for female solopreneurs [00:59]
  • Multiple paths to becoming an empty nester [01:44]
  • The positives and negatives of being an empty nester [03:04]
  • Entrepreneurship over 50: The challenge of learning new things, the changing world of business, and the role of physical image in the online marketplace [04:12]
  • On keeping one step ahead of clients when your brain can only hold so much [07:50]
  • Avoiding comparison: Do not compare to younger women [08:47]
  • The empty nest and finances: changing perspective [09:34]
  • Mental challenges as an empty nester: loneliness, stress, depression, and anxiety [12:12]
  • Managing your relationship as a breadwinner with a nonworking spouse: boundaries, renegotiating roles, and balancing your attention [13:52]
  • Finances and spending when one partner is working and the other is not [19:08]
  • A community for female sole providers [22:52]
  • This or that: Rain showers or snow showers? [23:29]
Empty nest women have unique financial, mental, and interpersonal challenges as entrepreneurs.

Key Insights

  • “I think it’s really important to not compare yourself to what someone from another generation is doing … You’re going to attract a different audience so don’t compare how their audience is engaging with them to how your audience is engaging with you.” – Pam
  • “While you’re a single mom, you’re worried about paying the bills in the moment, whereas when you’re older, you’re considering, ‘How am i gonna pay the bills in the long term?'” – Pam
  • “That brings loneliness, stress, sometimes depression, lots of anxiety. And so going back to those same strategies of regular exercise, feed yourself well, get enough sleep, practice gratitude, prayer, build your spiritual life, set boundaries, all of the things that we’ve been talking about.” – Pam
  • “It’s very important to keep the business and personal finances separate … I really recommend that you all get on the same page before you get to those places.” – Pam

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