Resilience is a core trait of successful entrepreneurs. We all encounter peaks and valleys in running our busineses. Those who succeed choose to overcome challenges rather than be victimized by them. So how can you build and sustain resilence in business and life? Listen in and find out!

In this episode, Pam and Teri talk about the resilience mindset and what that looks like in our businesses and personal lives. We also share some practical tips for becoming more resilient in your business.

How has resilience played out for you? How have the people around you responded to your resilience? Are they inspired? Irritated? Comment below and let us know!

In Episode 36 of Business. Besties. & Books. Podcast, Pam and Teri talk about how entrepreneurs can build resilience in business and life. Listen now!

Building and Sustaining Resilience in Your Business

What We Talked About

  • Resilience: A core trait for entrepreneurs [00:00]
  • What resilience looks like as a person and as a business owner [02:33]
  • Is resilience innate or learned in entrepreneurs? [10:34]
  • Finding resilience within: Owning your struggles rather than using others over-reliance on others [12:07]
  • The importance of tracking your wins [14:51]
  • Falling apart so you can come together: The cycle of resilience [16:27]
  • Practical tips for building resilience: Being accountable to your support people and to yourself [18:58]
  • Re-energizing yourself so you can continue being resilient [23:56]
  • This or that: Born with resilience or acquired it over life? [26:25]
How do you build resilience in your business?

What Resilience in Business Looks Like

  • “My logo for my business is and always will be mountains because I feel like that is what running a business is like. You barely get to a peak and sure enough there’s another peak. Even physically being out on a mountain is about digging in deep and keeping moving forward because the view is the best at the top. You don’t want to miss the middle but that’s where resilience is.” – Teri
  • “It’s being solution-focused rather than quittng because it’s hard. Taking a look at things and being rational, being calm, being steady when faced with challenges. It’s not about not having challenges.It’s not about scoffing at challenges. But it’s about saying, ‘Okay, I have a challenge ahead of me. What are we going to do? Because I’m not going to let this crush me. I’m not going to let this push me back. I’m going to figure out what to do next to get through it.'” – Pam
  • “I think it very much comes down to the thoughts that you choose around the challenges that you face, as far as when you face a challenge, will you be victimized by the challenge or will you choose to overcome the challenge? And resilience is built by repeatedly overcoming challenges and then being able to face the next challenge, and the next one, and the next one.” – Pam
  • “Eventually, I think resilience is part of, ‘I make this decision in my business. I take whatever happens with this decision in my business as my own. I learn from it and then I’m going to reconstruct the next part.’ And figuring out how to do that internally, I think, makes you a little bit more resilient than always looking to the outside for the answers of how to build your resilience.” – Teri

Tips for Building Resilience

  • “I think it’s really important to track your wins because resilience comes from overcoming hard things. If we don’t engrave our wins in our brains, our brain will take all of our losses and stick that right where it wants it to go.” – Pam
  • “There will be moments of just falling apart. I think your body needs that, to just fall apart so that you can rise up and face the next day. And that’s okay. The falling apart doesn’t mean you’re not resilient. It means you’re human. But then you come back and you be resilient the next day and you face whatever you need to face.” – Pam
  • “If you’re the kind of person who always goes to helplessness and always goes to other people to fix things for you, you’re going to struggle in business because you’re the boss and you have to make the choices.” – Pam
  • “Never make really important decisions when you’re stuck in a negative thought cycle because you’re not being rational at that point.” – Pam
  • “I’m not just working for the heck of it. I’m working so I can live. That’s living. I think to be out of [business mode] for a while, it lets your brain think about the things that you want to be resilient in your business with, you want to change, and come back with a clean slate of, ‘Here I go. Now i’m going to tackle this or that – or change it.'” – Teri

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