Change happens. We grow, we evolve…and so do our businesses. Online business transitions might be more common than you think and they CAN be tough to navigate. We’re going to be talking all things online business, growth, and change with our friend, blogging and writing coach, Kim Anderson. Join us for today’s conversation!

On This Week’s Episode: Embracing the Inevitability of Online Business Transitions with Kim Anderson

This week on Business. Besties. and Books podcast, we welcome our very own biz bestie Kim Anderson of Kim Anderson Consulting and Thrifty Lil Mom blog.

In this casual conversation between friends, we chat all about those inevitable transitions that happen when you’ve been in business for any length of time and Kim has navigated them well for many years. Listen to her story and celebrate her growth with us!


Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson got her online business started in 2013 with her blog Thrifty Little Mom. After building a successful blog and writing a traditionally published book, she started Kim Anderson Consulting where her goal is to coach, educate, and assist women in building online platforms where they can profit from their passions in the margins of what they value.

Thank you so much for joining us today. We are ready to interview our first guest on the podcast, and I’m so excited to have my friend Kim Anderson join us today to chat all about her business, what pivoting in business looks like, and what it feels like to run a business as a human being and not a perfect Instagram influencer.

Okay, that, wait, are you saying I’m not a perfect Instagram, YouTube influencer, TikTok, or all the things? I hope not because then I would feel really intimidated chatting with you today. Kim is a dear friend of mine we met years ago at a blogging conference in a hot tub, yeah a hot Tub.

And she’s been such a huge blessing as I’ve been growing my own business. She was my blogging coach and mastermind friend. She is the [00:01:00] host of or the blogger behind thrifty Little Mom blog and Kim Anderson Consulting, where she helps folks start their blogs and she really supports writers in fulfilling their dreams for writing online.

And why don’t you tell us a little bit about Kim, about exactly what you do beyond what I just said. That’s fine. So I started way back in 2013 blogging because I had become a stay-at-home mom and completely felt like I was losing myself in momness, which I think is good for some people, but not good for me and my personality.

So I just had to figure that out and somehow, magically fell into the idea of blogging and understanding that there were people in the real world who were making an income and in some cases significantly enough that their husbands quit working, which to me was like mind blowing because I had a four year degree, I had all the things, but the thought of making more money than my engineer husband just never really seemed like a reality.


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