What is “midlife?” Technically, it encompasses younger boomers, Gen X, and older millennials. But more than a birth year, it’s about what we’ve experienced and what lies ahead. Midlife women have lived through and learned from hardships. At the same time, we’re looking ahead at the transitions that come with growing older.

As a female entrepreneur, how can you navigate those transitions with purpose and passion? In this episode, Pam and Teri talk about how they’re handling the unique challenges and opportunities of midlife.

How are you navigating life and business as a midlife woman? What do you struggle with? Comment below and let us know!

Teri Houghton and Pamela Grice talk about how midlife women can navigate transitions with purpose and passion. Listen now or visit businessbestiesandbooks.com for more information.


Episode 10: How Midlife Women Thrive Through Transitions

What We Talked About

  • What is midlife? Perspective and opportunity [00:18]
  • Two sides to the seesaw: the best and worst parts of midlife [05:18]
  • Midlife and entrepreneurship: leveraging generational strengths [12:16]
  • Navigating midlife transitions with purpose (because you have to) [15:20]
  • Building a business that can run without you [21:45]
  • Keeping up and staying present in a changing world [22:55]
  • What we’re looking forward to in midlife [28:24]
  • This or that: Your 20-year-old self or your 40-year-old self? [32:06]

Midlife woman working on a laptop in a living room.

Key Insights

  • “My one word would be opportunity because midlife, you either see it as a life half empty or a life half full, right?
  • And I choose to see it as an opportunity to fill the rest of life with good stuff.” – Pam
  • “I think the greatest part about wisdom for me is that I have made it through that and I’m still here and I’m still going forward–on those really hard days to be like, ‘You did get through some hard things, you’re gonna get through this too.'” – Teri
  • “And even building a team with different age groups on your team, because it just brings in a different feeling to the team … That’s a way to think about how you are going to hire your team. Who’s bringing in what skills from what parts of life they’re in?” – Pam
  • “You have to keep your business afloat because you have to provide for yourself. There’s no, ‘I’ll just fall back on my parents. Maybe I’ll move into their basement or there’s time.’ We just don’t have that luxury. We don’t know how much time we have.” – Pam
  • “It’s really important to have a team, to have systems in place, and to practice by taking vacation … Give them practice taking leadership in your business by stepping away for a little bit.” – Pam
  • “You’ve figured things out before. You’ve done hard things before. Do it again. Sit down, give yourself some space, and you’ll learn it. And then once I learn it, it’s in there.” – Pam

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