Sometimes we look at famous people and think they have it all together. That’s why Beth Moore’s All My Knotted-Up Life: A Memoir is so refreshing. Though she is a well-known evangelist, she comes across as a genuine human being who has faced hardships, just like anyone else. Behind the scenes, her life story is far from perfect, yet she tackles tough topics with humor.

In this episode, we talk about faith, family, and perseverance in the face of hardship–all themes in the book and all topics that just about anyone can relate to.

Have you read All My Knotted-Up Life? If so, what did you think of it? If not, what has been your favorite read of the summer?

Teri and Pam talk about All My Knotted-Up Life: A Memoir by Beth Moore. Listen now!

What We Talked About

  • All My Knotted-Up Life by Beth Moore: Overall Impressions [00:00]
  • Beth Moore as an authentic, relatable human being [04:32]
  • How we identify with the author and others in the book [07:17]
  • Balancing masculine and femenine energy in marriage [10:32]
  • Growing through trauma as a couple [12:56]
  • Honoring our parents even when they have done us harm [15:45]
  • The common experience of dealing with life’s traumas, big and small [17:48]
  • Finding healing in another denomination [18:53]
  • The pain of being stuck and the rewards of moving past it [19:50]
  • How the development of Beth’s accent highlights her personal growth [21:22]
  • Who would play Beth Moore and her husband in a movie [22:54]
  • The value of a memoir from someone who has lived through many seasons of life [26:19]
  • Our ratings for All My Knotted-Up Life [27:31]
  • This or that: East Coast or West Coast for vacation? [29:25]

Key Insights

  • I feel like she’s a genuine human being who ended up in this really big place on earth, and yet some of the stuff she says, I’m like, “Well, yeah. That’s what we all do.” – Teri
  • It’s kind of awesome to read a book about someone in their journey who people recognize the name and to know that their back end is just like ours. It’s just fumbling along. – Teri
  • She really walked in love and forgiveness. Maybe she didn’t understand that that’s what she was doing … But eventually she made that decision that, “I’m gonna wait. I know I have a story to tell but i want to be respectful in that process.” That’s really powerful. – Pam
  • It’s nice to hear a memoir coming from towards the end of the story. When people come out with memoirs in their 20s or early 30s, you’re like, “You’re not there yet.” Yeah, it’s great, that part of the story. But what’s it going to look like from here on out, I wonder. – Pam
  • It was a good summer book because I’m pretty sure I’d want to sit on the front porch with Beth Moore and have sweet tea. That seems appropriate. – Teri

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