As an entrepreneur, you have the flexibility of setting your own schedule. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy to work all day every day. Having an evening routine can help you switch off from work and give your body and brain some much-needed time to wind down. Then you can wake up refreshed the next day, ready to take on your business with renewed energy!

In this episode, we talk about our current routines, both good and bad, how we would like to change them, and the physical and mental health benefits of having an evening routine.

How do you unwind in the evening? What changes would you like to make in your evening routine? Comment below and let us know!

In episode 28 of Business. Besties. & Books. Podcast, Pam and Teri talk about what an entrepreneur's ideal evening routine looks like. Listen now!

How an Evening Routine Can Improve Your Life and Business

What We Talked About

  • What is the ideal evening routine? [00:00]
  • Intentionally making time to unwind in the evening [00:58]
  • How technology can keep us awake later than is healthy [03:57]
  • Working late and getting a second wind [05:06]
  • Single motherhood and working to fill the lonely evenings [08:07]
  • How we work our best during dedicated quiet times [08:43]
  • Giving yourself freedom to work unconventional hours while setting boundaries to prevent overwork [10:14]
  • Limiting technology use at bedtime [12:12]
  • Are evening routines as important as morning routines? [14:47]
  • This or that: Early to rise or early to bed? [17:22]
What is your evening routine?

Key Insights

  • You get to make your own scheudle. you get to have your own ideal what work looks like. But we don’t recommend working for 12- or 16-hour days. And we have both done that in the past and I am trying to be super intentional about not doing that. – Pam
  • We’ve talked about this before but I feel like my brain is just so tied into what an average workday should look like. That’s been a really hard part for me, for being an entrepreneur. – Teri
  • Your business is meant to serve your life and not the other way around. And so when we give up things that are good in life–like time with people we love, relationships, spending time on hobbies–in order to work more, we’re living our life for our bus rather than the other way around. – Pam

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