When you’re balancing all of the necessary tasks required of an entrepreneur, it can be easy to give into stress and focus on the negative. While it’s rewarding, running a small business can be stressful. That’s why it’s so important to intentionally make time to be consciously grateful for the good things in your businessthose things that reinforce your “why.” So in this episode, each of us are highlighting five examples of gratitude from our business.

Whether it’s the people, the opportunities, or the personal growth we experience along the way, there are so many things to be grateful for. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to step back and reflect and cultivate gratitude in your business. Listen in as we do just that.

What about you? What things are you grateful for as an entrepreneur? Comment below and let us know!

Gratitude Examples in Business

Gratitude Examples from our Small Businesses

Topics Covered

  • Things we’re grateful for in our own businesses [00:00]
  • The business community: Meaningful relationship with our teams and colleagues [01:04]
  • The trust of our clients, past, present, and future [01:43]
  • Love of tech and adaptability [03:15]
  • The personal growth that happens as a result of being a business owner [04:11]
  • Change that comes in business and how it builds flexibility [05:28]
  • Lessons learned from failures [06:45]
  • Freedom: Time, location, finances, and [08:27]
  • The sky’s the limit: The possibilities of unending growth [12:20]
  • Our favorite Thanksgiving dishes and why [15:16]
Gratitude Examples in Business

What We’re Grateful for As Entreprenuers

  • “It’s so powerful when there are people who are willing to trust in you and invest in you, whether they’re buying a product or buying a service. They’re willing to give you their hard-earned money in return for what you’re giving them and they value what you’re offering. There’s something really powerful in that transaction that is really impactful. And I’m really grateful for those people who have been willing to make that invsestment.” – Pam
  • “Being a business owner stretches you personally, professionally, psychologically, spritually. It just grows you in so many different ways and it helps you, I think, to not become stagnant because you’re constantly having to learn new things, adapt to new things, try new strategies.” – Pam
  • “I am grateful for the change that comes in business. Sometimes it’s hard. Somtimes we push back. Sometimes we kind of dig our heels in real deep. But I believe for me as a human being, being able to have flexibility in my business has let me have more flexibily in other parts of my life, too, because it’s embracing, ‘Things are never going to be the same and we’re just going to have to keep moving forward.'” – Teri

How to Cultivate Gratitude in Your Business

  • “I was thinking yesterday about all the different places that I have drug my computer and worked … I feel like I can, to a degree, build my life the way I want it because I can literally take my work, most of the time, where I want. I think that that’s been such a freedom.” – Teri
  • “For me, it’s that freedom to just make decisions about your life … And then also, the freedom that comes on the backend of building a business that actually brings you the finances that you’re wanting … Or the freedom that you get to give other people by hiring them in your business. Or for me, the freedom that you get to bring other people through our donations that you make.” – Pam
  • “There are so many things that you learn from trying things and seeing what doesn’t work, that get you closer to the things that do work.” – Pam
  • “The sky’s the limit. I think sometimes the ladder is scary to climb. But there’s so many possibilities that growth is really only dictated by mindset. Beyond that, what you can dream … We are literally working businesses that didn’t exist years ago. It wasn’t even on the roadmap. When I think about that, it blows my mind.” – Teri
  • “There’s always something to vent about or be stressed about in your business. So I think it’s really important to take some downtime and really be consciously grateful for those things that ultimately point towards why you’re doing this.” – Pam

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