As entrepreneurs, of course we want to make a profit. But focusing purely on the financials and not on how we treat others can lead to a lonely journey as an entrepreneur. After all, the online business world is smaller than you might think – everyone knows someone. That means it’s critically important to show up with kindness in your interactions, both as a leader and as a peer.

In this episode, Pam and Teri discuss why kindness is important in business. We talk about how to identify areas for improvement and give examples of how to build kindness into your business practices.

What about you? Is kindness important to your value system? How do those values play out in your business? Comment below and let us know!

Why Kindness is Important in Business

Why is Kindness in Business Important?

Topics Covered

  • Building a business without losing your kindness [00:00]
  • A time and a place for every conversation: When to air your grievances and when to be kind [02:01]
  • Maintaining kindness while remaining productive in your business [03:03]
  • Venting in the appropriate place at the appropriate time: The value of a mastermind group [06:21]
  • Two sides of the coin: Finding a balance between domineering and submissive personalities [07:49]
  • Empowering people to succeed: setting roles and expectations and letting people go with kindness [09:06]
  • Intentionally building kindness into your business [10:39]
  • Being a classy business owner: Refusing to engage in gossip [11:45]
  • The small world of online entrepreneurship: How you show up matters! [15:42]
  • This or that: Difficult conversation in person or via email? [19:44]
Why Kindness is Important in Business

Key Insights

  • “It just goes back to the concept of what I used to tell the kids: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. You have to figure out, as a business owner, a time and a place to have your grievances. And you have to figure out a time and a place that you show up in a way that is kind.” – Teri
  • “Kindness can be done in a way that is with leadership. It can be done in a way that gets done in your business what needs to get done. But you have to figure out the balance of that.” – Teri
  • “I think that’s really the power of having a mastermind group. Everyone is in a similar space of being really driven so they can understand when you’re venting about something. But you’re not doing it in front of someone who could then be hurt by what you’re saying. Your mastermind can help you come up with a way to get corrective action in a way that is kind – that doesn’t injure the other person mentally or career-wise. That’s really the power of masterminds is that you can vent but then you can also find solutions that are humane.” – Pam

Intentionally Building Kindness Into Your Business

  • “Maybe check in with your own value systems and get a personality test done. If you want to talk to someone who’s an expert in personality to be like, ‘Where are the weaknesses in my role as a leader, based on my personality, that maybe I need to keep in check?’ Checking in with your value system can do that.” – Pam
  • “It’s like being a classy business owner. You show up in a space, and you’re really business, and you’re really positive. You really don’t want to go down a path that I would assimiliate with what happens in high school and middle school when people are learning those boundaries.” – Teri
  • Teri: We all get to show up in all different spaces however we want.
    Pam: And it doesn’t mean that it’s not authentic. It’s just different bits of you and that’s it.

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