As an entrepreneur, it can be tempting to stay “on” all the time. Chaos can even be motivating. But too much stimulation can ultimately damage your well-being and your business. How do you know when you’re becoming disregulated and how can regulate your nervous system?

In this episode, Pam and Teri talk about what it means to be disregulated, the negative impacts of constant input, and how to step away from the chaos and operate your business from a healthy place.

What do you think? What are your best tips for avoiding overstimulation? Comment below and let us know!

In episode 29 of Business Besties and Books Podcast, Pam and Teri talk about how to regulate your nervous system. Listen now!

Regulate Your Nervous System for Health and Productivity

What We Talked About

  • How do you know if your nervous system is overwhelmed? [00:00]
  • The impact of constant media exposure on your mind and body [04:18]
  • Managing our own screen time to set a good example for our kids [08:10]
  • How entrepreneurs can stay ahead of the curve without losing it [11:48]
  • How an accountability partner can help you prevent becoming disregulated [13:00]
  • Driven by chaos: How to turn it off and step away [14:28]
  • Bilateral stimulation to regulate the nervous system [17:00]
  • Behind the scenes of productivity: Destroying your physical and mental health? [19:50]
  • What does healthy look like for your business? [24:07]
  • How the pace of life changed through COVID and beyond [25:39]
  • This or that: Regulate our nervous system with meditation or cold exposure? [29:41]

Key Insights

  • We are slammed every single day with what people view as perfect worlds, perfect lives. And I think that that just makes us run higher. Our whole body’s just like—you’re constantly on the go because the world is constantly on the go. – Teri
  • Just to say, “You have to go outside and sit for 10 minutes.” And just breathe in the air, be in nature, allow the animals to do their thing.” Whether you have dogs, or cats, or whatever animals you surround yourself with, let them breathe life into you as well. I think we do have to schedule it. – Pam
  • Losing it on people that you are closest by, in the end, doesn’t pay off for what you got off of that continual energy in. – Teri
  • All of that chaos drives me to do other things. But we have to be able to turn it off. We have to be able to be, “Okay. I’m going to step away from the chaos and allow my body to rest.” – Pam
  • It looks on the outside like, “Oh yeah. We all want to do that. We all want to be super productive. We all want to get the things done.” But then recognizing, “Wow, there’s a lot of negative stuff that happens behind the scenes on that,” like destroying your body, destroying your mental health, destroying your physical health to get things done. It’s not good. It’s bad. – Pam
  • When you finally get that nervous system down, you know what you find on the other side? Yourself. – Teri
  • When you’re operating in your business in alignment with who you really are, things come a lot easier and there’s not so much striving. So that’s what I think the goal is of, “Sure, I can be productive in my business but it’s because I’m operating out of who I really am and doing what I really want. And so the business is coming to me and being attracted to me because I’m operating from a really healthy place.” – Pam

Additional Resources

  • HeartMath
  • Bilateral stimulation video

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