Every month on Business, Besties, and Books, we’ll be sharing with you our love of books…whether it is fiction and takes you to another place and time or non-fiction that helps you gain insight and growth, we’ll let you know our thoughts and experiences with our newest read.

Join us as we introduce the stories of how we became readers.

On This Week’s Episode: Teri and Pam Share the Backstory on How They Came to be Book Lovers

[00:00:00] You’re listening to another episode of Business Besties and Books. I am Pam Grace. And I am Teri Houghton. We’re so glad you’re here. All right. Today we are talking about books. It’s our book’s episode. It’s our first book episode. Before we dive into it we wanted to talk about a specific book that we’ve been reading, and we wanna talk about what our experience with reading has been and share with you a little bit behind the scenes of our own kind of process of reading.

[00:00:32] Yeah. And our history. So we’ve got some questions that we’ve come up with and one of us is gonna ask it and then we’re just gonna both answer it so you can hear both of our experiences. So I’m gonna go ahead and start. Pam, on a typical day, are you more a morning reader or an evening reader and why?

[00:00:55] I’m an evening reader. I can’t even remember the last time I picked up a book in the morning.[00:01:00] I think it’s because of the way I was raised. In my family, we always read at night. Our after dinner thing was reading. So my brain just doesn’t go into reading mode until after dinner.

Image of a young woman in a blue dress sitting on the floor reading an old book with a large stack of books next to her.

[00:01:17] Oh, that’s interesting. I’m a morning and evening reader. One of my goals in 2022 was to read more. And so what I do in the morning after I drop my kids off at school, I have about 10 minutes before my quote unquote day starts, and I always read about 10 minutes there, which seems little, but it actually adds up after a while.

[00:01:40] And then typically I will read, A physical book  when I go to bed. I try to do one or two chapters if I’m not too tired. And audiobooks throughout the day. So I think I’m an all day kind of reader. Nice! reading all day, every day. Wow, that’s awesome. So you said [00:02:00] you had a goal for 2022.[00:02:01] How many books did you read in the last year?


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