How can you embrace change in your business while holding true to the core of who you are? Ultimately, running a business is about making money. But at the same time, as entrepreneurs, each of us have issues that we’re passionate about. So why not build a business that makes a difference in the world?

Today we talk with Jessica Sato, from Jessica Sato Consulting, about how she’s shifting the focus of her business to serve women-owned businesses, female founders, and social-impact businesses as they work to close the gaps on some of the world’s biggest problems.

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Listen in as Teri Houghton, of Houghton LLC, and Pamela Grice, of Pamela Grice Coaching talk with Jessica Sato about how to embrace change in business while working to make a positive impact on the world!


Pam and Teri Chat with Jessica Sato about how entrepreneurs can embrace change in business

Topics Covered

  • Introducing Jessica Sato from Jessica Sato Consulting [00:00:20]
  • A shift in Jessica’s business: using business to make a difference in the world [00:05:27]
  • Show up: Be visible, bold, brave, and speak your mind. Go all in and be present in the moment [00:09:58]
  • Say what you want to say: Be vocal about what it is that really matters to you [00:11:50]
  • Be consistent: Your business will evolve over time but never change the core of who you are [00:12:45]
  • Five years from now: Where is Jessica’s business going? [00:13:36]
  • What one thing do people not know about Jessica? [00:16:39]
  • What 130(?!) books did Jessica read in the past year? [00:18:42]
  • This or that: Loud or soft music–and Jessica’s love of boy bands [00:24:04]

Jessica Sato

Jessica Sato is the founder and CEO of Jessica Sato Consulting, a business strategy and coaching firm for impact-driven founders.

After a 10-year stint as a leadership development expert, three successful businesses, and a life-changing assignment in Ethiopia, Jessica created a transformational business to empower and teach business owners how to grow profitable and sustainable businesses by leveraging their purpose and mission as their competitive advantage, engaging in robust strategic and execution planning, and providing the support and accountability they need to change the world.

Key Insights

  • “This element of doing good in the world, using business to close some of the world’s biggest problems. Really thinking about how we can make a difference, not just in our local community, but on a broader scale, started to become more and more important to me.” – Jessica
  • “For me, “show up” has equated to “go all in,” not from a grind-it-out perspective, although sometimes it does feel like a grind. And then be present. When I think about my own journey as an entrepreneur, a big part of it early on was just doing things, going through the motions, checking the boxes, and it’s just not fun. And I’ll be honest, I did not leave corporate life to do a bunch of craziness. I left it so that I could be more present in my own life. And so for me, showing up means being present in the moment.”- Jessica
  • “I think, when you think about the role we play as business owners, we have things that we care about. We have things that matter. And when we hold back, when we’re not showing up, when we’re not saying what we really want to say, we’re losing the essence of what the business is about. And people can’t come to us if they don’t know what we stand for.” – Jessica
  • “Be consistent in how you show up. Be consistent in your message. Not that it can’t evolve. I’m obviously evolving myself, but the core of who I am, the core of what I stand for hasn’t changed. That consistency of being present, being visible, even through ups and downs, even through broken up business partnerships to new businesses, all of that should stay consistent.” – Jessica

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