Creative entrepreneurs tend to have multiple passions and we want to explore them all! But how do you find time for all of your passions while still earning a reliable income, practicing self-care, and nurturing your relationships? Laurel Justice, artist, psychotherapist, and business coach, is helping people do just that!

In this episode, Laurel shares how she manages a successful therapy practice, art career, and coaching business. She also opens up about her personal strugggles and how she’s overcoming them.

We’d love to hear from you. What are your passions? How to you fulfill them while balancing family and business obligations? Comment below and let us know!

How Laurel Justice is Living a Multi-Passionate Life

What We Talked About

  • Introducing Laurel Justice: toggling between artist and psychotherapist [00:00]
  • Laurel’s Visionary Coaching for Creatives course: Allowing your heart to imagine a future that you can love and thrive in [08:00]
  • 56 Dates: Laurel’s latest gallery show [11:46]
  • Laurel’s perspective as a female sole provider: Pressure, self-doubt, and the freedom of self-employment [17:06]
  • The importance of networking with other solopreneurs [19:50]
  • Finding role models who are living the life you want to live [23:41]
  • Envy: How to use it constructively [28:05]
  • Book talk: Learning from others’ experiences and what overcoming really looks like [32:04]
  • This or that: Live on top of a mountain or on an island? [41:38]

Laurel Justice

Laurel Justice is a multi-hyphenate working from her studio in downtown Denver,
Colorado as an artist–psychotherapist–transformational life coach–speaker–writer–and consultant to heart-centered organizations. With a background in fine arts, and a 20+ year career in counseling, she guides workshops and retreats around the world, using experiential modalities such as art, writing, dance and psychodrama to create breakthrough. She is passionate about the art and science of healing, growth and transformation which leads to inspired lives for the greater good. She is also a community leader, having served on numerous boards and commissions related to the arts, wellness and collaborative placemaking. She is the founder of a non-profit called SoulHaven Collective which provides retreats and residencies for BIPOC artists. Her greatest joy in life is enabling creative people to thrive.

Key Insights

  • So many people get stuck in doing the day-to-day that the creativiy wanes, or is stuffed down, or like, “I just got to pay the bills so I turn that bit off.” So I like the phrase “reigniting.” – Pam
  • I think we decided, when we talked about [being a female sole provider] that there’s some aloneness in that. A lot of people that we talk with and are parts of a group with, they don’t live in that pressure, especially as entrepreneuers. – Teri
  • Something that’s helping me lately is going back to the concept of “soul” and remembering that my soul’s reason for being here are these certain things. I can list them out. If I return to that, then it gives me the courage to keep going with some of these other more daunting, or pedestrian, or just repetitively boring tasks of being in business. – Laurel
  • A mentor told me once if im going to envy somebody, I’d better envy 100% of their life. – Laurel
  • I’ve really come to believe that overcoming is not about gettting what you want … Overcoming is really about finding a way to show up for this stuff without losing myself. – Laurel

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