Creating social media content for your small business can feel like a chore, especially when you know you have to do it. But if you can turn that mindset around and see it as an opportunity, leveraging social media for small business can really pay off.

In this episode, Teri and Pam talk about building a cohesive online brand that reflects your authentic self. They talk about putting yourself out there, what works, and what doesn’t.

Are you currently using social media marketing for your small business? What platforms and types of content have worked well for you? If not, what step could you take right now to start growing your social media presence? Comment below and let us know!

In Episode 31, Pam and Teri talk about leveraging social media for your small business. Listen now!

How to Use Social Media for Growing Your Small Business

What We Talked About

  • Social media marketing to grow your online small business [00:00]
  • A necessary evil: seeing social media as an opportunity rather than an a chore [00:54]
  • How to choose the right platform and content for your ideal customer [03:22]
  • Showing up as your authentic self online [06:30]
  • Sharing your personal life while respecting your family’s privacy [08:27]
  • Creating a cohesive brand online [11:57]
  • Maintaining consistent messaging over time [16:25]
  • Creating images that draw people in [17:42]
  • Analytics and beyond: How do you know what’s working and what to do next? [21:23]
  • Mistakes entrepreneurs make with social media marketing [26:13]
  • This or that: Facebook or Instagram? [30:11]
How do you leverage social media marketing for your small business?

Key Insights

  • Take it out of being drudgery and into something that you know is going to get you where you want to go. It’s more of like, “Wow, I get to market my business for free to the entire world.” That’s pretty powerful. – Pam
  • I think it’s about showing up as you, too, on your platforms. I think templates and all that have made life so easy for us to create. But then, it’s also about people aren’t just spending money bc you have a great course coming out. They’re spending money because they want to work with you. – Teri
  • I think branding gets way overthought. It’s pretty simple: fonts, colors, logo, let’s go. But it’s pretty hard to do social stuff without it. – Teri
  • When you develop your mission and your message, keep saying those things and people will know it’s you. – Pam
  • Think about who you are and what you do and just be real. – Teri
  • Just get out there and post. Hashtags don’t matter as much as they used to. Captions don’t need to be as long as they used to. People want to see your face. People want action–it’s what draws their attention. And go out and have fun with it. Try not to let it be the biggest chore on your plate. – Pam

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