Are you burned out this summer? You’re not alone. How can you possibly focus on all the necessary tasks in your business when the outdoors is calling? In this episode, we’ll talk about what burnout looks like and how changing your mindset can help with recovering from burnout.

What about you? Are you suffering from summer burnout in your business? How are you dealing with it? Comment below and tell us!

In episode 25, Pam and Teri talk about how summer burnout can affect our businesses and solutions for recovering from burnout. Listen now!

Solutions for Recovering from Burnout as a Sole Entrepreneur

Topics Covered

  • Feeling burned out this summer? Us too! [00:00]
  • What does burnout look like? [03:03]
  • Changing your mindset: Learning to accept (and enjoy!) a slower pace [5:11]
  • Planning for quarter three and the transition from summer to fall [08:48]
  • The importance of passive income and building a team [11:58]
  • Check in with your heart: Recognizing when you’re nearing burnout [15:27]
  • Planning for seasons of lower income [16:24]
  • This or that: Strawberry shortcake or ice cream cone? [17:28]

Key Insights

  • I think we have to get to a place where we’re okay with that–we don’t label that as bad. Maybe our mind and body is meant to slow down and just enjoy the warmth, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the fresh air, and give yourself permission to do that rather than saying, “Oh, I’m bad because i want to come in from the garden. Oh, it’s wrong.” – Pam
  • I think the other thing is–and I know we go back to this time and time again–but having a team to hand off some of that. – Teri
  • I just want to tell people, check in with your heart. For me, as I said, I’m an escapist. So when I start feeling burnout, i just ignore it, sleep through it, and keep pushing on. and that’s just not good for you. – Pam

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