Taking the leap into solo entrepreneurship can be scary, fraught with risks and challenges. One of those challenges is using Reels (essentially, short Instagram videos). Maybe you know that using Reels for business can help you educate your audience and grow your reach. But where do you start?

Enter Chris Gosnell, who helps entrepreneurs use short form video in their social media strategy. In this episode, Pam and Teri talk with Chris about overcoming intimidation around Reels and why the rewards of facing challenges in business are worth it!

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Pam and Teri chat with Chris Gosnell about becoming challenges in business and using Reels to advance their

What We Talked About

  • Introducing Chris Gosnell, videographer and photographer for business owners [00:00]
  • Transitioning to being a sole female provider [03:28]
  • Motivation to be a solo entrepreneur: seeing the fruits of our labor and enriching others’ businesses [06:43]
  • Chris’ ideal work: helping other entrepreneurs do what they do [08:16]
  • Forks in the road: Taking the leap into entrepreneurship and shifting business focus [09:43]
  • Chris’ 50th birthday race-cation–and what everyone else thinks about running [13:55]
  • Do hard things: The rewards of conquering physical and mental challenge [16:36]
  • “Reel” talk: Making technology work for your business [19:39]
  • Working with Chris: Helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through video content [23:12]
  • This or that: Would you rather be invisible or able to fly? [28:57]

Chris Gosnell

Always blonde or sometimes with pink hair, I’m sure to stand out in a crowd!  Though not natively born in Colorado, I hope to never leave this beautiful state.  I just love this place.  I live here with an amazing group of friends who have become extended family, like my BFFs, Tarah, Cara and Cherish.  I can’t forget to mention my spoiled, lovely, adorable dog Dora, who demands to be carried to bed when too sleepy to walk herself.  

Food is my love language coupled with my love to laugh and have tons of fun.  I truly believe that the secret to life is to love God and love people.  I am a total sci-fi nerd: Star Wars, Star Trek, Brown Coats and Sonic Screwdrivers are some of my favorites. You’ll often find me out in nature; endurance running, hiking or paddleboarding.  Come say hello!

Chris loves to help her clients create Reels! She has a great program that actually gives the clients prompts and exactly what they need to create their Reels. Then Chris and her team edit them! This changes the clients social media strategy and helps them get in front of potential clients.

Key Insights

  • “It is so worth it to find something hard to do, to buckle down, put in the work, get it done, and do it. On the other side, it is so rewarding.” – Chris
  • “I can encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and make some reels. They’re seven to ten seconds. Nobody’s died yet.” – Chris

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