The fourth quarter is a time to evaluate the past year, wind down your projects, make time for family and self-care, and plan for next year. In this episode, Pam and Teri talk about fourth quarter business planning – why to do it, what to think about, and how to track and implement your plan.

What’s happening in your business this quarter? What system do you use and love for planning? Comment below and let us know!

In Episode 37 of Business. Besties. & Books. Podcast, Pam and Teri share their thoughts on fourth quarter business planning.

Why and How to Do Fourth Quarter Business Planning

What We Talked About

  • Q4 already?! What’s our plan? [00:17]
  • Why you should plan your fourth quarter [01:27]
  • End-of-year financial concerns [03:33]
  • Planning your business around the holidays [04:30]
  • Documenting your fourth-quarter plan [08:10]
  • Steady or seasonal: Does your business have a busy season? [10:36]
  • Finding a system that works for you [12:28]
  • This or that: Paper planner, electronic, or hybrid [14:30]
Q4 Planning for Your Small Business

End-of-Year Planning for Your Business

  • “I always think we need to, every 12 weeks, take a look at, ‘What are my big goals in my business? What were my goals? Have I reached them?’ Assess that and then make a plan for the next 12 weeks.” – Pam
  • “It’s a good time to look at your numbers, your financials, because it won’t be long until we’ll be rolling into the end of the year, which them rolls into taxes and all those things.” – Teri
  • “The fourth quarter feels like a different quarter because so much of December is wrapped around heavy family time. I feel like clients that I work, they start really shutting down that second week in December”. – Teri
  • “I think we’re so used to, in this world, being like, ‘I’m busy. This is all happening now.’ And slowing it down a little bit to reflect, to make it really the best quarter it can, and to go into 2024 without that panic mode of, ‘What’s next?'” – Teri
  • “So experimenting with all the different ways – whether it’s paper, whether it’s online, whether it’s on your phone – whatever you need. Find that system that works for you so that you are sure that you use it. That’s half the battle or more.” – Pam

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