In this podcast, the Teri and Pam discuss the the magic that happens when you start a podcast for businesses and personal growth. They’re joined by their guest, Kristen Fields Chadwick, who shares her story of discovering the power of her voice and how it led her to a mission of helping women share their own stories and wisdom through podcasting.

The conversation highlights the importance of embracing your voice and the impact it can have on your family, community, and business.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how to start a podcast, the value of podcasting, and the power of finding your voice and sharing your story.

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On This Week’s Episode – Start a Podcast: a Powerful Tool for Personal and Business Growth with Kristin Fields Chadwick

This week on Business. Besties. and Books podcast, we welcome our very own biz bestie Kristin Fields Chadwick of Wholistic Podcasting for Podcasters.

As we sit down with our friend, we’ll chat about Kristin’s heart for helping women share their stories when they start a podcast of their own. We know you’re just going to love meeting her and be sure to check both her website and podcast.

If you’ve been considering starting a podcast, Kristin is the woman to help you bring it to life and be heard.

And, if you want to hear the story of how we started our own podcast, take a listen, here.


Kristin Fields Chadwick

Kristin Fields Chadwick, CEO and founder of Kristin Fields Chadwick, LLC., a Podcast Production boutique style business. She is a Podcast Coach, Podcast Host of Wholistic Hearts and Wholistic Podcasting: Podcast Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs, and Podcast Manager to a powerhouse list of Top Charted Female Entrepreneurs.

Welcome to today’s episode. We’re so excited today to bring you another one of our Biz Besties. So this is Kristen Fields Chadwick. She is the CEO and founder of Kristen Fields Chadwick, LLC. It’s a podcasting production boutique style business.

She’s a podcast coach, a podcast host of holistic hearts and holistic podcasting she is a podcast coach for female entrepreneurs and a podcast manager to a powerhouse list of top charted female entrepreneurs. She is the podcasting coach that helped Teri and I get started on our very own podcast.

Kristen, we’re so excited to have you here with us. I am so excited to be here with you too. So I did give a little bit of an introduction, but can you share with us a little bit of what you do and who you work with? Yeah, so basically I get to champion other women who are launching and [00:01:00] growing podcasts.

That’s so great. And I feel like podcasting is the place to be right now. Yes. People are really starting to see the value in it and really understand what it can do for their business, but also what it can do for their message.

Yes, absolutely. You are so right. There’s a spot for nearly everyone. Absolutely. The question we wanted to start out with is why do you do what you do, and what gets you out of bed in the morning? What a great question. Why do I do what I do?

Because like I was just saying, I think your voice matters and you are created for impact, whether it’s in your family, your community, or your business.   I know in my own story, I really had to discover the power of my [00:02:00] voice. I wasn’t always willing to share my voice. And so just the fact that I have been able to walk through.

A transformation I’d rather be quiet and observe too, which is great. There is a beauty in being quiet and observing but not when it’s at the detriment of not sharing your heart. And so walking through that transformation of. Oh, people actually really wanted to hear what I had to say, my thoughts, my opinion, my story, my testimony.

And so that’s what gets me up and gets me going because I want to come alongside women, whether they are confident in their voice or they are like, I don’t know if I have anything brilliant to share. I can’t wait to come next to you because I hear you and you probably do have a [00:03:00] golden nugget that you are keeping to yourself and it just needs to be let out into the world.

So that is what keeps me going. That is awesome. And I can say that when we did some work with you, you have a gift to make people feel seen. And I think that’s that, that is a beautiful place to be in, in this world right now is to be able to really see people for who they are and walk alongside them. Thank you. Yeah, that means a lot. I really love that you have a mission to help women share their stories, even when they don’t see for themselves that they have something to say or they have something valuable to share. It’s so powerful because I think our culture so often tells women that what you have to say doesn’t matter, or you’re not smart enough, or you’re, your story isn’t powerful.


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