Over the past two weeks, we’ve been talking about our new mastermind group for creative female entrepreneurs! Maybe you like what you’ve heard so far and you’re considering joining. But are you ready for a mastermind group? We’ll give you some reflective questions to consider when making your decision.

If you’re always just looking at tomorrow, whatever plan you make to grow is only going to grow you until tomorrow. But we’re looking for a long-term, ‘I’m going to build a successful business, I’m going to do what it takes to get there, and I’m not going to give up easily.’

– PAMELA GRICE, Business coach for Creatives

In this episode, we’ll drill down on some key factors that determine your readiness for a mastermind group. We’ll discuss the mindset, time, financial commitment, and values we expect from members in the Business Besties Mastermind group. Is this the right time and the right opportunity for you? Listen in and find out!

We’d love to hear from you, too! Do you feel ready to join a mastermind group? Why or why not?

Business Besties and Books Episode 55: Are You Ready for a A Mastermind Group - Questions to Ask Yourself

Questions to Ask When Deciding Whether to Join a Mastermind Group

What we talked about

  • [00:00] Questions to ask: How do you know you’re ready?
  • [00:49] How we knew we were ready to join a mastermind
  • [03:34] Are you ready to grow your business and your team?
  • [05:08] Do you have time in your calendar to commit to a mastermind?
  • [06:16] Can you afford the cost of the mastermind?
  • [08:13] Are you open to feedback and willing to learn?
  • [11:00] Are you willing and able to take action and try new solutions?
  • [12:39] Are you self-aware and willing to grow personally and professionally?
  • [14:13] Are you aligned with our core values?
  • [15:38] Do you have a long-term vision for your business?
  • [17:23] Are you in the beginning phases of your business?
  • [20:09] Find the answers for yourself: Get your free Mastermind Reflection Journal
  • [21:03] What’s new for us this week?
Are you ready to join a mastermind group? Ask yourself these questions.

Get Your Free Mastermind Reflection Journal

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How Did We Know We Were Ready for a Mastermind ?

“That’s how I knew I was ready. There were just some pieces I couldn’t figure out myself. And I had enough of an income to invest in it. It was a little bit of a stretch. But I do think that’s a little bit a part of mastermind, is you have to stretch your finances a little bit because a good mastermind, you’ll make it up in the end, which I did.” – Teri

“I think sometimes that initial investment feels so shocking, like, ‘I’m going to pay how much a month for this thing?’ Then as you get into it, and you start implementing the things that you’re learning, and you implement the feedback that you get from other people, and you see your business grow, totally worth it.” – Pam

Time and Money Questions: Are You Ready for the Commitment of a Mastermind?

“Really think about, A, do I want my business to grow? B, if my business grows, am I willing to add a team? Am I willing to do the things that make a business grow?” – Teri

“It’s really helpful for the community of the mastermind for you to come in saying, ‘This is my goal for this quarter,’ or, ‘This is my goal for this year. So help me find strategies or help me stay accountable to reaching those goals.'” – Pam

“I don’t think it’s fair to the group if you don’t show up because you’re not just there in a mastermind, as a participant, to receive. You’re there to give as well. And it should be proportional.” – Pam

“It’s going to be a little bit of a push, which is also about believing in your business. You’re putting some money. That is still scary. It’s about believing, ‘I’ve got what it takes and I’m going to do this.'” – Teri

“I’ve heard it referred to as making a vote for your own success. You’re voting for your own future and saying yes to you’re own future by saying, ‘I’m willing to invest in this because I know I’m going to make it work and i know I’m going to take the actions i need to take.” – Pam

Mindset Questions: Are you Mentally Prepared for a Mastermind Group?

“I really feel like you have to go to a mastermind with an open mind because you might be presented with changes you can make in your business. If you’re very, very, very resistant to change, it won’t help you to move forward. So I think to go with that like, ‘My business looks like this but it could look like this.'” – Teri

“If you’re in a space where critiques or challenges of people thinking in a different way than you is triggering, or is irritating, or you just don’t like that, then it’s probably not the place for you.” – Pam

“To be known, and to be heard and seen, and to have people celebrate with you when you have even the smallest wins in your business, it’s just so powerful to know that you’re not alone. We want people to feel that. And we want people to find others to collaborate with and come into the community and say, ‘Oh my gosh, we could work together. You’re so good at this and I’m so good at this. Let’s see what we can do together,’ and we grow each other’s businesses together, and we network together, and we do fun things.” – Pam

“When you surround yourself with action-takers, you become an action taker. They say–and there’s studies to bear this out–the people you surround yourself with influence who you become. They influence how you believe, and how you think, and how you take action.” – Pam

“So many people are afraid of personal growth. But without personal growth, it’s virtually impossible to have business growth because every new phase of business is going to require you to be a different person.” – Pam

Culture Questions: Do You Share the Values of Our Mastermind Group?

“Our core values, we’re honest. We want to do right. We want to grow. I just think the way Pam and I already work together is about being honest, communicative. We want those same values to be part of our mastermind so that we create a culture.” – Teri

“Our culture will not be a culture of hustle yourself to death. It’s not going to be able success at any cost. It will be about integrity, building a life that makes you proud and happy, building a life that supports the way you want to engage with your family and your other relationships.” – Pam

“We want people to have a vision of where they want to go, even if there’s twists and turns, and what they want out of this group coming in.” – Teri

“I think without a long-term vision, it’s really easy to quit because you don’t have that deep why and that deep desire to build that purposeful business that’s going to look a certain way and give you a certain life or it’s going to have a certain impact.” – Pam

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