Knowing your personal strengths can transform your business! One of our favorite tools, the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly known as StrengthsFinder), helps you identify your natural talents. In turn, you can nurture these areas and turn them into strengths in your business. When you play to your strengths, you will create a profitable business that you love!

I think it’s really revolutionary for people to get to the bottom of, what are your strengths? How can you leverage them and create a business that you just love, that makes you money?

– PAMELA GRICE, Business coach for Creatives

In this episode, we will be talking about our strengths, based on our results from the CliftonStrengths. We’ll each share our top five strengths, why they matter, and how they play into our lives and businesses.

And even more exciting, we’ll give you a sneak peak into our Business Besties Mastermind group, where we’ll leverage each member’s strengths to create collaborative opportunities and build momentum.

Listen in to learn more! And as always, we’d love to hear from you! Have you ever taken a strengths assessment? If so, what are your strengths and how do you see them play out in your life and business? If not, what would you like to learn from such an assessment?

Business. Besties. and Books Episode 54 - How Your Personal Strengths Play Out In Business

Running a Business That’s Aligned With Your Strengths

What we talked about

  • [00:00] Our top five strengths: Our test results and how feel about them
  • [04:40] Mastermind goals: Using your strengths to help you align your business with who we are
  • [05:59] Diving into the depths of what each strength means
  • [07:00] Operating your business around the positive aspects of your strengths
  • [07:50] Building a team with a variety of complementary strengths
  • [10:12] How our different strengths create collaborative opportunities within a mastermind
  • [11:38] More about the strategic them: Best and worst qualities of our favorite theme
  • [17:15] How we will leverage each member’s strengths in our mastermind
  • [18:06] Using our strengths to create an action-taking mastermind
  • [20:22] Final thoughts about strengths
  • [21:22] Coming soon: Watch out for the waiting list for the Business Besties Mastermind!
  • [22:26] What’s new in our lives?
Business. Besties. and Books Episode 54 - How Your Personal Strengths Play Out In Business

What can your personal strengths tell you about your business?

“I think that’s part of the thing about when you figure out your strengths is maybe when the world sees as, “I don’t know. What are you doing?” the reason you’re doing it is because of who you are.” – Teri

“The way you operate is born out of what comes naturally to you. In the StrengthsFinder book it talks about these are your tendency towards strengths or these are your talents, things that you’re naturally good at. You then can take them and turn them into strengths. They’re not initially strengths that you might be using in your business. These are talents. Let’s nurture these. Let’s figure out how to leverage your strengths or turn them into strengths inside of your business.” – Pam

“If you’re running a business that doesn’t feel good to you, one of the reasons is you might be running outside of what you’re really intuitively good at.” – Teri

“I think it’s important to delve into what your strengths even mean … diving into the depths of what that means, and how you can use it in your business, and maybe even the pitfalls of having that strength, and how people might perceive that, and things that you need to watch out for.” – Pam

“You can learn some language around the real positives about [your strength] as you’re marketing yourself, and as you’re building your business, to be like, ‘I’m really going to play off of these strengths, build my business around the way that I naturally operate and my business will feel so much better.'” – Pam

Who do you bring on your team that complements your strengths instead of hitting against each other. – Teri

How do individual strengths enrich a mastermind group?

“One of the things I love about masterminds is the collaborations that come out of that. How can we work together? And finding people in that intimate group of friends that you’re working with and saying, ‘Wow, you have that strength, and I have this strength, and we could bring those together and create something amazing.’ So how about we collaborate on a short-term project?'” – Pam

“Being in a mastermind is about the leaders and it’s not about the leaders, all at the same time. It’s about the minds that are in there and what they can create together.” – Teri

“The job of the people in the mastermind—especially as leaders—is to check back in and say, ‘What did you take action on? What moved forward? Last week you said you were working on this. Where are you today? How can we help you? What do you need?’ And then taking that action so that after you’ve been there for six months, you can really look back and be like, ‘Oh my gosh. These are the outcomes I’ve achieved over the last six months because I took action.'” – Pam

“It’s changed my business and my mindset. That’s what we would hope, to use it as a tool. If people aren’t in the right space in their business, sometimes it just has to be tweaked a little bit to get them in the right space.” – Teri

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